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microgaming slots onlineOne of the biggest game developers in the casino industry today is Microgaming. Microgaming has made casino games since 1994 and thus has over 20 years experience in game development, which allows them to real professionals. They have extensive knowledge in producing games that surpass expectations and achieve the player’s wishes and needs. Casino industry has developed enormously since 1994, but Microgaming has always seemed stable development as year after year launched entertaining game that becomes popular and talked on the fly.

The reason is that they have always been aware of the trends and innovations and based on this thought a step further. They are one of the industry’s largest and most popular games providers meant that they work with most of the industry’s largest online casinos all over the world and they contribute a large and varied selection of games ranging from jackpot games at live casinos. The company Microgaming is based and licensed on an island between Britain and Ireland called the Isle of Man. In the current situation the company has produced over 800 unique casino games and over 1,200 pieces of different variations of the game, and this already impressive number of games continues to rise as the continually launches new casino games every month.

All Microgaming Slots

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When Microgaming was one of the very first game developers to launching online casino games in 1994 and today is one of the largest game developers are probably already many who know the game variety at Microgaming, or at least a small part of it. That said, they have done over 800 unique games, and over 1200 different game variations, which is a huge number. Some of the biggest games that Microgaming has produced all time is Thunderstruck, Avalon, The Terminator, The Dark Night Rises and Immortal Romance. All games made by Microgaming is of exceptional quality, which is a result of that they have always used the best and most advanced technology and always had awesome manufacturers. This has also meant that each game has produced a completely unique gaming experience and brings a unique gaming experience, and thanks to this, Microgaming has won many well deserved awards for their games. Game selection is as I say huge, and they account for many of the world’s best players playing Casino and Poker.

microgaming slots onlineAvalon Avalon Slot takes you back to medieval England during the 500’s and offers a wildly adventurous game with the game’s protagonist, King Arthur. This game is based on a story that surely many know, and symbols, features and animations brings together such strong effects that disappear from time and space. There is a slot machine of the best quality and a game that everyone should try, if you have not already done so.

Thunderstruck I and II – Lightning, thunder and money rain are three words that describe the video slot Thunderstruck I and it’s sequel Thunderstruck II. Here we encounter the Nordic Viking God Thor and many more during the game and once we found several different bonus games, scatters and wilds and more. For all who love adventure and the Vikings, this is a perfect game.

Microgaming has also transformed many great movies to online games and this they have done with brilliance. For example, they have launched online game Jurassic Park, Terminator, The Dark Night Rises and the big hit series Game of Thrones. This is only a few games of the massive variety of games that Microgaming offers. Many games are very powerful and contain much excitement, grand effects with accompanying music. But if you prefer more calmer versions of slot machines, there is a lot of it too.

Mega Moolah – Mega Moolah is one of the casino industry’s big jackpot game set out on the savannah with both the lions, giraffes, elephants and monkeys. Mega Moolah is a light and entertaining game but with very heavy profits which includes large jackpots. Mermaids Millions – When we play Mermaids Millions so we are under water among mermaids and other sea creatures a la Little Mermaid. There are lots of joyful symbols and functions in the game that fits well to liven up any day. Spring Break – Spring Break is merely a slot machine based on the concept of spring break. It is a simple and easy to understand video slot where you are located on a white sandy beach, beneath the tall trees, at a glittering turquoise sea. The ultimate game for those who want a break from life’s cares and the same time win some wonderful prizes.

When Microgaming launched it’s operations were one of the first companies to manufacture casino games at online casinos. Since then a lot has happened. The technological developments and the increasing availability of the Internet made it possible for more people to start up online casinos and today there are hundreds of online casinos to play at the world, and both the number of players and the number of online casinos is growing. However, in recent years more and more players started playing casino games via their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Although this is a result of our access to the internet and digitization which come in connection with the technology. This means of course that the game manufacturers have to adapt their existing casino games, as well as produce their new casino games, to fit on mobile devices. Since Microgaming is one of the world’s top game developers, it is not surprising that their casino games consist of the best possible quality. Their games are accessible from any mobile device that you are using the, that is, whether your phone is supported by iOS, Android or Windows. Microgaming now manufactures all of it’s new games to suit both computer-based online casinos, mobile casinos, and they also adapt their older slot machines that fit on mobile devices so everyone has the opportunity to play their favorite games from Microgaming wherever they are.
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