Thunderstruck Slot Review

Although it may be hard to believe it has the slot machine, Thunderstruck been on the online casino since 2010. There was even an earlier version from 2005, though not particularly like this version. That this slots survived so long on the online casino is not a coincidence. With powerful drawings inspired by Nordic mythology, it is a pure joy to play Thunderstruck. The symbols in the game representing things such as Thor and his hammer, and lightning. As is known, believed in Norse mythology the god Thor caused lightning when he threw his hammer. The hammer that always hit their target and always returned. The theme of Thunderstruck is thus based on the saga of Thor. In addition to these mythological subjects, we have common symbols 10-A.

You have to give game manufacturers a credit for the development of this game. They have done a very good choice of theme and graphics. The animations are stylish and come from the north, it is the theme of the Thunderstruck 1 something you can feel involved with. But the game is to be played so what are you waiting for? You can always test it with a free casino game to see if this is a slot for you. Visit one of our recommended online casino and play like a god with Thunderstruck!

Gameplay, Special Symbols and Features

Thunderstruck Slot ReviewWith 5 reels and 3 lines we recognize the concept already, and it’s quick to get started with the game. But as easy as it is to understand the basic concept, it’s just as easy to be amazed at the different benefits that can be downloaded. There are many lines to gain many positions where the player has a chance to even greater profits. One can for example choose to play on a certain number of lines, increased profits, if one believes that some lines are better than others.

The option of free spins, however, is not something that is offered on this slot machine so the chance of free games is zero. Depending on how they are combined, one might think that the lack of certainty for free spins is a bit disappointing and the lack of other special events that are not in this game. Most slot machines casino free spins and it may be something you get used to that player. But this stripped-down form of gambling, but the free spins, is much more streamlined and you can really concentrate on what is happening in Thunderstruck. It makes everything very easy to understand and you can get started right away. Are you a tough guy amongst online casino and like a stripped-down and simple form of gambling that is Thunderstruck perfect. It’s just lines, reels, you, and an inviting button that shouts “play me”. No nonsense, no track, no chases after the free spins, but only direct profit opportunities for those who dare more than just free games.

With powerful sound effects are feeling even more intense, and when the wheels started spinning sound is muffled and dark. The sound image is really strong compared to many other slot machines. It also contributes a lot to the whole experience and the sound works with the theme. When profits are moreover animations such as flashing symbols or fluttering golden beard and hair on thurs. The animations add extra life to Thunderstruck and make the game even more fun.

Conclusion and Finishing Thoughts

In Thunderstruck, we find, unfortunately, no progressive jackpot. This might make many disappointed, especially players who love growing jackpots anywhere else. However, this does not mean that this is not going to win a lot of Thunderstruck. The game is also a really cult game makes it worth playing anyway, 100 times! One must of course have shared views on what it is that makes a game good, but it need not always be the right winning amount that determines the game’s qualities. A game can be extremely fun and entertaining, but also a progressive jackpot!

Slot machines are my great interest and Thunderstruck is by far one of my favorites. You can play directly in the browser, the downloadable casino and mobile. It can be an advantage to have a good internet connection when playing Thunderstruck II as it is a fairly demanding game. A large jackpot, and great gains in the regular game will Thunderstruck II slot to a highly interesting. We warn before it can be hard to stop playing this game.

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