Best Bitcoin (BTC) Online Casinos

bitcoin online casinosWelcome to our site, a guide about best online casinos that accept bitcoin. Here you will find several different bitcoin casinos that you can choose to play on either or bitcoin to other currencies. We have only selected the best bitcoin casinos because we strive for quality, safety and wide game selection. Bitcoin is the new virtual currency in which all deposits and withdrawals are free and lightning fast. Lower costs mean higher recovery rates. Today, there are online casinos that accept to make deposits to his bankroll with bitcoin. It works like so that you go into the deposits at the casino and choose bitcoin as a payment method, then this bitcoin be exchanged at the current rate and the currency of the casino. Some bitcoin casinos pays back 99% of its players! Choose a casino from the list below and start playing today:

Check List with Best Bitcoin Casinos

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is usually abbreviated as BTC and is a digital currency that is used on the web. Already in 2009 it began to be used in certain circles in the United States, but it was only in 2011 that the public could start buying Bitcoins. Unlike traditional currencies like the US Dollars, Euros or Pounds, there is no central bank that regulates the market or put a value on a bitcoin. Bitcoin traded between the people and the price fluctuate much more than a common currency. Today bitcoin in thousands context every day. Although the currency faced a lot of criticism has been its popularity among its users only increased. Proof of this was when the company Dell Computers allow their customers to pay with Bitcoin. After that, other known companies such as eBay, PayPal, Overstock and Virgin Galactic followed suit.

Why use Bitcoin?

A big advantage to us using bitcoin is virtually all transactions are free. If we make a payment by credit card VISA or Mastercard will always be a charge. Sometimes, for example, the casino of the cost, sometimes we get players themselves pay transaction fees. In the same way it works when we use Neteller, Skrill and PayPal. These services are convenient but expensive to use. These costs are often hidden from us players, but you can be confident that in the end it is always us clients who will pay for all the extra fees that casino pages have. Do we pay with bitcoin sent via its so-called bitcoin addresses. A bitcoin address is a form of code of between 27 and 34 characters. The transactions are instant, because there is no manual bank must approve the transfer.

There are many reasons why bitcoin is growing. Within the gaming industry, we will soon see an explosion of bitcoin online game. The biggest reason we have already mentioned. Bitcoin is free to use, something that online casinos will love. A bitcoin deposit is free in the same way as a bitcoin outlets is free. Instead of wasting money on transaction fees will casino pages offer bigger bonuses and better casino offers to its customers. We can already see this by looking at the reimbursement rate. The casinos that are bitcoin casinos is at the top when it comes to distributing profits to their clients.

bitcoin online casinosUsing bitcoin for play online opens lots of doors. Bitcoin is not owned by any state and therefore can not be frozen as assets can be made in other currencies. For us living in UK playing this might not matter. But we want to act in the United States or play in a market that is otherwise regulated bitcoin casinos makes this possible. Bitcoin means absolute freedom and control over your money. Do you have a bitcoin, you own a bitcoin, no one can take it away from you. Also, you are anonymous when you play, which means you can play anywhere and you pay no taxes on your gains. In a bitcoin casino you do not provide your name or social security number. All you need to disclose your email address, a username and password you want. Everything goes at lightning speed!

Bitcoin Casino Games

With lower costs, a bitcoin casino have greater distribution of their turnover. That means the customers we are better able to take part of the profits! A nice deal for all without credit card companies! From being something in the periphery, the number of bitcoin casinos has increased steadily. Likewise, increasing the supply of games. Even game developers like Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt has found among bitcoin casino games. Why not play at a casino that has better odds, lower fees, and there is free both to withdraw and deposit money?

Among casino games we find, of course, the usual range of games. What would a casino without slot machines? On a regular casino is the payout rate of around 95% on a slot machine. If you play on bitcoin gaming machine is the payout rate is often as high as 99%. Try to find a slot machine at any other casinos that can offer such a high profit. If you choose any of the known bitcoin casino, there are some 100 slot machines to choose from. Several classic slot machines were launched with bitcoin and among the games, there are both regular jackpot games and games with progressive jackpots.

To summarize this first page. We have only seen the beginning of bitcoin so far. Bitcoin will be revolutions gaming industry at the expense of credit cards and other payment methods. Who wants to pay extra money for something that can be free? By playing with bitcoin will open new doors and your money can never be confiscated. Pick out your winnings directly into bitcoin and deal with them on the famous commerce portals like eBay or Dell Computers. For those who would rather use regular money can be interesting with the “regular” bonuses. Some of it you can find on this casino without deposit. It describes both the one and the others when it comes to bonuses. Bonus Review