Win a Mini Cooper with Guts Casino

Guts Casino BonusThere is still plenty of time left by Guts Christmas Campaign that lasts until Christmas Eve, where the grand prize is a brand new car. You can also take advantage of bonuses and free spins by responding to today’s informal quiz – questions. We have looked at what Guts have to get me in the holiday season.

Choose your Own Wish List with Guts

Christmas is approaching and what could be more natural one to write wish list? New telephones, trips, clothes? Guts can not assist with everything on the list, but when it comes to free spins, bonuses, gadgets, and even a brand new Mini Cooper says they are prepared to fulfill your wishes. In Guts Christmas Campaign can all choose their own wish list of Guts – Santa’s gift bag. The campaign started on December 1, but it is not too late to submit your wish list. It is after all still a while until Christmas Eve.

The wish list is supplied by pressing the Christmas present – icon at the top of the main page. Here are the 7 level, which increases in value, where to choose your favorite in each level. Besides the juicy prizes like television, other cool gadgets and of course a Mini Cooper, you can also choose casino bonuses and free spins. The choice is yours! The options can also be changed retrospectively. When levels are confirmed apply it to play free gift wishes in the casino.

Once you have submitted Wishlist to Guts, simply log into the casino and play live casino and slot machines to speed up the progression barometer. Barometer increases with activity and as soon as it is filled up, meets Guts your first Christmas gift wishes. You will also be rewarded in the quest to meet your requirements by answering daily Christmas quiz questions. Guts Christmas Campaign offers trivial questions where no answer is wrong, this is just for fun! Here are the extra goodies offers in the form of bonuses and free spins that you can use daily.

Guts Casino

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  • £300 Welcome Bonus and 100 Free Spins
  • Awesome Progressive Jackpot Prizes