Zombies Slot Review

Scary horror films that gets shivers run along the back and the remaining parts of the body is something that is appreciated by many. Even if you do not dare to see the whole film, and keeps the eyes during much of that you get still enjoy those unpleasant feelings bubbling up. And are you a real horror movie buff, you make sure you do not miss the video slot Zombies from Net Entertainment. Because this is a must for anyone who has a fascination with zombies. The background sound itself is like that right bit terrifying, and at regular intervals. One would think that it was in the intro to just a thriller.

Among the symbols on the reels are spinning tools more or less soaked in blood, such as chainsaws, axes and crossed baseball bat with nails in, gas masks, brains, eyes drawn out and so on. The background consists of what looks like an abandoned shopping mall. Net Entertainment have normally put time and effort on both graphics and sound to create an awesome video slot. The Zombies, you can then play with heart in his throat.

Gameplay, Special Symbols and Features

Zombies Slot ReviewIn video slot Zombies, there are nevertheless some symbols that you should keep your eyes open for that can help you in the quest for profits. Firstly, there is a wild symbol that you recognize on a red blood-like background with the word “wild” in. The usual wild symbol can appear on reels one, two, four and five. On three wheels, you can get a Stacked Wild if you are lucky meaning it is stacked. It can appear as either a symbol or two or three. Do not you get up the complete stacked wild symbol is moved up or down if it completes a winning combination. And right there, the stacked wild symbol consists course of a scary zombie is looking for you! Another feature found in Zombies is Random Wild and it can be activated for each game which failed to activate either the Free Spins or Stacked Wild. As many as six symbols can then be transformed to become wild!

It is said that the chance to win free spins. The symbol of something like a container of poison is the scatter symbol. And by that you get at least three such you will win five free spins. It will also activate a multiplier which goes from x1 up to x10. In other words, opportunities to win in Zombies. After every shot you fire the zombies in a Random Wild will get a wild symbol that substitutes any other symbol on the reels except the scatter symbol. The wild symbols are placed across the screen and when zombisarna disappears, you can see which symbols are replaced with wild symbols, and if there has been formed a few winning combinations. Much excitement in other words. As the name implies, the Random Wild totally random controlled and can appear after any round of play at any time, regardless of what happened during the round.

You can win free spins when playing Zombies. All you need is three Bio-Hazard symbols (scatter symbol) to start the free spins. NetEntertainment have put shoulder to the wheel and made free spins at a really weird bonus game where you have to shoot the zombies to Friday in a shopping center full of hungry undead. After each free spin, you get the opportunity to shoot the zombies, and each time you hit a zombie, you win money. During the free spins, you can get your winnings multiplied up to 10 times because each win increases the multiplier.

Conclusion and Finishing Thoughts

This is not a game that suits the sensitive. The symbols are the brains, eyeballs, bloody weapons and other unpleasant things – in short, everything you would expect from a splatter movie about zombies. If you do not like this kind of entertainment you thrive probably better among fruit machines or cute slots Icy Wonders and Super Lucky Frog. However, if you love the splatter and horror, Zombies is a great game that you will probably want to spend a lot of time, especially when you reach the thrilling bonus game where you get to shoot zombies in the shopping center.

There is also a slot that fits you like when there are free spins, bonus rounds, a variety of special symbols, etc. Here are both the scatter symbol, three wild symbols and a free spins function which is combined with an interactive bonus games. Like the other hand, simpler and more pared-down slots Zombies are not the best choice for you.


  • 5 Free Spins No Deposit
  • Welcome Bonus Available up to £1000
  • Great Collection of Online Slots

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