Tornado: Farm Escape Slot Review

On a farm working animals day in and day out to help their farmer with his everyday working chores that a life on a farm means. But the work is hard and exhausting for all animals and one day they may simply enough! When a large tornado coming towards the farm takes all the animals the opportunity to escape the farm. They pack their most valuable possessions and pulled voluntarily into the tornado and travel far away from bongården new and happier times. Tornado: Farm Escape is a slot game from game developer Net Entertainment. In this game, Net Entertainment has mixed a high dose of humor along with a lovely set of symbols, special features and benefits.

Tornado: Farm Escape is the latest addition to NetEnt’s range of video machines. This time it’s time to put on rubber boots, pick up the pitchfork and chewing on a straw, for now it’s off to the farm! This slot machine has a humorous theme that revolves around what happens when a tornado runs amok over a farm. Horses, pigs, chickens and decoration father of all the earth in an irresistible chaos accompanied by frenzied banjo tones. And in the middle of everything we are invited to compete for prizes and bonus features. Tornado: Farm Escape offers a nice, cartoon graphics that directly puts a smile on your face. Like any other recent release from the developer NetEnt, this is an extremely thorough slot machine that manages to offer plenty of exciting new features.

Gameplay, Special Symbols and Features

Tornado: Farm Escape Slot ReviewTornado: Farm Escape is a unique video slot with a theme that is in a class by itself. Slot’s approach is, however, more to the traditional way as it has the classic arrangement of five reels and three lines. The game offers 20 fixed paylines that goes from the west to the right. The symbols in the Tornado: Farm Escape consists of all the animals that escaped farm such as cows, horses, pigs, sheep and chickens and of these symbols, it is the cow and the horse that is the most valuable, followed by the pig, sheep and chicken.

The game’s wild symbol is a television showing the text wild. This symbol may appear anywhere on the reels and then replaces all other symbols except the special symbols Hot and Cold. Threat and Cold symbols are two special symbols stand for warm fronts and cold fronts. Hot icon is a cloud with a red arrow pointing upwards and Cold symbol is a cloud with a blue arrow pointing downward. When a Hot symbols fall somewhere on the first wheels while a Cold symbols fall somewhere on the fifth wheel gives rise to a tornado, and the game Tornado function is activated.

Tornado function is one of the game’s special features and activate the symbol on the third wheel’s second line. Then arises a tornado that spins around the game’s all-wheel and pulls the game’s wild symbol and the other symbols are the same as the active. The total sum of the symbols drawn into the tornado then converted to win money. Tornado feature remains active until no new active symbols or wilds show up. During Tornado: Farm Escape we not only get a dose of a tornado, but we also get to experience a storm consisting of a dark cloud full of lightning. Storm feature is activated every time the wheels begin to spin and get into the wheels, and each symbol that the storm is over turn into wild symbols, which thus when replacing the spirit of the symbols of the highest possible winning combination.

Conclusion and Finishing Thoughts

Tornado: Farm Escape is exactly what we expect from the new NetEnt games, and then some. That it offers top-notch graphics and a great atmosphere does not surprise us at all, but the game’s special features exceptionally innovative and fun. With chances to win and a high payout percentage is Tornado: Farm Escape a most welcome addition to NetEnt’s stable of video machines.

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