SugarPop Slot Review

Anyone who has missed the super-hot game Candy Crush has undeniably been living under a rock for the past few years. Candy Crush has namely melting the hearts of many, and made a large part of the population dedicated to candies dependent. And now we can say that there is also a video slot that corresponds Candy Crush firm named Sugar Pop! In this sugary video slot, you get in touch with wonderfully fluffy and pastel candy. Sucks Pop offers a different game with scrumptious bonus features that are not really blasts. Obviously, the game consists of all symbols of various jelly candies in funky colors and sounds in the background a nice music that reveal an impending candy adventure. Behind Sugar Pop is the developer Betsoft and with such a name behind the controls, it is not surprising that this tidbit to the game has seen the light.

Gameplay, Special Symbols and Features

SugarPop Slot ReviewThere is a lot to keep track of Sugar Pop, but the longer you play, the easier it will be, of course! However, you can be prepared that you will be kept long if you choose this video was taken. To begin with, there are “regular” candies that will fall into a grid for each game instead of the spinning front. These candies will be able to pop the lands with at least three similar candies around each other. If you get together such a winning combination and the candy pops and disappears shedding new candies down before pedestrians places.

It really makes Sugar Pop special is the possibility of the emergence of special candies and depending on which level you have come to the different candies to fall down.

Level 1 and up: Lollipop, a yummy lollipop that gives you the chance for new profit opportunities as it swirls the candy so that new pieces will enter the field.

Level 2 and up: Caramel Chew, a cool caramel which paves the way around the other candy and crush the pieces it rolls over.

Level 4 and above: White chocolate makes entrance and can shoot nuts and almonds blasting candy and increasing your chances of winning.

Level 6 and up: Gumdrop, will soak into the candies that are in the vicinity and then explodes everything together.

Level 8 and up: Jawbreaker, even this hard caramel will make life miserable for ordinary candy when the blasts that comes its way.

Level 10 and up: Candy Cane, a welcome striped cane that makes all the treats in the same row, including himself, and in the same column will explode.

Level 12 and up: Jellybeans, from one up to five of jelly beans will bounce off and choose a goal that the blasts.

Level 15 and up: chocolate, many people’s favorite, enters the game and make a party of 3 × 3 squares of delectable chocolate then popping.

Level 20 and above: Spun sugar, better known as lovely cotton candy, pull in like a whirlwind and blows up nice profits.

Level 21 and above: peanut butter cup, giving you the chance to again win if no gains have emerged.

Besides all these special pieces of candy can also symbol “Color Bomb” show up by getting up at least five symbols of the same color in a combination. Should you be lucky and manage to combine this before the next spin will all candies of the same color to pop! Last but not least are the symbol “Super Color” formed if you get together a combination of at least four candies. Matched this before the next spin will profit additionally be multiplied!

To be able to unlock higher levels during the game you are required to fill up the meter with blue sitting to the right of the playfield. Sugar Pop is additionally different in design than many other video slots. Here are namely five reels and five lines of symbols. You can adjust the coin value between £0.02 and £1. You can bet that at least 50 coins per game round and at most 250 coins per spin.

Conclusion and Finishing Thoughts

Although SugarPop slot does not offer some form of Free Spins- or bonus mode, there is much to gain in this slot. Here you will be offered a variety of functions which might avalanche feature is the best. Every time you manage to spin up a winning combination exploded symbols are removed and the new fall. That way, you always get two chances to win big. Before you start playing SugarPop slot for real money, we can recommend to audition machine for free. You can do this at most online casino that offers the games created by Betsoft. That way you get a perfect overview of the game’s features and attractions. Would you like SugarPop, simply make a deposit and get started in pursuit of profits. Good luck!

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