Invaders Slot Review

In this slot game from developer Betsoft get players an alien experience. Invaders have a nice alien insertion theme, and use this theme in very different bonus features. Try life as invading aliens and see what the poor earthlings can offer you riches. If you want to play for real, there is a bonus link just below the machine.

Anyone who has seen the X-Files is probably familiar with Mulder’s motto: “the truth is out there”. In the slot machine Invaders from Betsoft truth is not only out there – it has come to earth to “visit” us humans! This video slot offers a humorous theme with colorful graphics and many enjoyable bonus features that make gaming more fun and more exciting. Invaders is on the technical side a vending machine with five reels and three lines. There are 20 pay lines to play, and you can use as few or as many of these as you wish. As usual, you can also choose how many coins you want to bet on each payline, and how much those coins will be worth. The maximum bet is 50 coins.

Gameplay, Special Symbols and Features

Invaders Slot ReviewOf course, the game symbols influenced by the alien theme. For a complete overview of all prizes is a payout table to check out, and here we check only closely at the symbols that are of critical importance. The first of these is the wild symbol, as in invaders characterized by a newspaper. This symbol can replace most other symbols in the game and thus give you both more and larger winning combinations.

The game’s scatter symbol is represented by an asteroid. These symbols may not be in anyone particular order to win. 3 or more scatters anywhere on the game screen gives you an instant profit that can be quite large. Multiplier function of the invaders is activated when 3, 4 or 5 multiplication symbols with the text “Initiate” lands in a row on an active payline. Then you have to rub your hands and give thanks and receive – the multiplier may give you between 6 and 50 times the bet!

The bonus game “Invasion” is activated when three or more bonus symbols together in a row on an active payline. Now the fun begins! UFO on the spin button becomes and float away to a residential area where unsuspecting earthlings live their lives. Here you can choose which house you want to give you the order to collect the immediate cash prizes. Your goal is to continue to choose the house until you gathered up all the profits, and then return to the main game with your profits.

Conclusion and Finishing Thoughts

Invaders is a slot game that has a lot to offer. The graphics and sound are good, although there are video slots that are a few sharper in that respect. The main argument to give the invaders a few spins, the various bonus features that puts that extra gold edge of gambling.

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