Football: Champions Cup Slot Review

Feel the adrenaline pumping with NetEnt the manufacturer’s latest launch – Football: Champions Cup. European Football Championship 2016, Net Entertainment tagged to an end to the teeth with this new awesome slot game. We can well imagine that this will be a hit among most sports lovers who also dig casino games.

Football: Champions Cup allows you to sit in the stands while playing, you hear the crowd roar and cheer which definitely affects the game experience in a positive direction. The symbols that appear in the game, of course, football-related, including a whistle, a trophy, soccer shoes and the occasional football. Something that we really like about the game is that you will be able to choose which team you want to play as. Before the actual slot machine pulls once you get namely choose from a variety of flags.

Gameplay, Special Symbols and Features

Football: Champions Cup Slot ReviewJust as in most of the slot machines are a traditional wild symbol in Football: Champions Cup. This you will recognize a football encased in a gold ring that also graced by the word “WILD”. As in other games there this as a replacement symbol to increase your winning chances. Two symbols can not replace – the case of the bonus symbol and scatter. But there is also another kind of wild symbol in this slot machine called Overlay Wild. This function can only be triggered once in the main game and Overlay Wild can appear between two and five pieces at a time. However, the Overlay Wild not be over either the wild symbol, scatter or bonus symbol.

You also have the option to activate the 4 free spins in Football: Champions Cup. To do this, you get up four symbols with trophies – that scatter symbols. The reason there are only 4 free spins have to do with free spins mode are laid out for the playoffs and hopefully will take you through to the quarter-finals and then semi-finals and eventually the final. If you manage to get to the final and win, you can look forward to a juicy coin win! The targets are made by blue and red wild symbols. When they land on the reels act these goals. The blue symbols can appear on reels one and two, while red symbols can appear on reels four and five.

If you get at least three symbols with the word “bonus” activates a click-win game that is a little different and delicious at the same time. The game consists of five rounds of two parts each. In a moment, you are shunned and choosing one of the four points where you want to shoot the ball. In the second stage, the shoulders on the role of keeper and choosing one of the four points where you think the ball will be shot.

Conclusion and Finishing Thoughts

We at will once again impressed by what NetEnt manage to achieve time and again played before. Football: Champions Cup is yet another proof that the company delivers quality before quantity. The only thing we can complain about is the somewhat tedious symbols. But the bonus features are, after all top notch in the slot machine!

Football: Champions Cup in May 2016 a stunningly well made and fun slot from NetEnt champions! This slot will be taking place during the European Football Championship and by choosing their favorite national team at the beginning of the game you get a unique starting point. In the Bonus Games and Free Spins games that follow, it is one’s own team that you get to play as. Slide the shootout and play against different teams in the European Soccer Championship’s finals to take you all the way to the finals where the trophy “Champions Cup” awaits! Football: Champions Cup from NetEnt is the best sports game we’ve seen in the form of a slot for the duration of 2016 – so play today and win big – both with your favorite team and play with your money!


  • 5 Free Spins No Deposit
  • Welcome Bonus Available up to £1000
  • Great Collection of Online Slots

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