Diamond Jackpot Slot Review

If you are a big fan of the classic and simple slot machines that still can be found in casinos and ferries so this is definitely the game for you. Thanks to the progressive jackpot, you can get up to a significant amount of profit, and you never think about how it works – it is just spinning the reels! Play for free and use our link if you want to play with real money!

Diamond Jackpot is a slot machine of classic cut that is developed by Betsoft. Despite its simplicity, this slot machines offer a progressive jackpot, and all who prefer the old school slots should feel at home here. There is no question of any advanced graphics or complicated functions – here it is plain, honest wheels spinning in force! The sound is of course also the classic, and this ping it fully when the wheel is turned.

Gameplay, Special Symbols and Features

Diamond Jackpot Slot ReviewThe symbols of the game are the same as you find in most older slot machines. We’re talking of course about cherries, BAR signs, red 7s and last but not least, a bunch of hearty diamonds. There is always a win table available where you have an overview of the distribution of the various symbols can provide, so you do not click on any dedicated key to access it.

Although Diamond Jackpot at first glance may look a little too sparse out there, as I said a really good reason to try out the machine after all. The reason is of course the progressive jackpot, and we recommend that you keep an eye on this, as it can be ransom to if no one has won in a long time. Next to the jackpot, the game’s highest win 2000 coins, which may not be a huge amount, but it can still be a nice addition to the checkout.

Did we mention that it was a simple machine? Here we find three wheels and actually only one bet line, where your objective is to line up three identical symbols. To adjust your bet, you can of course set how many coins you wish to play per spin, and how much value each coin to be. Otherwise, just go!

Conclusion and Finishing Thoughts

Diamond Jackpot does not claim to be anything other than a simple and straightforward classic slot machine, then you know you that you like such there is no reason not to give it a few spins. The progressive jackpot makes things a little more exciting, and you have the good fortune to win it can it all be a profitable business. Those who prefer graphically advanced games with lots of features should probably rather look further.

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