Dazzle Me Slot Review

When starting Dazzle Me first time, it is easy to become a little surprised. Here, Net Entertainment has once again varied its concept and created a slot machine with unconventional looks and different rules. Net Entertainment’s new thinking is something that makes their slots manage to maintain their power while generating a good variation between their casino games. To vary the game ideas and concepts in this way is invaluable in an environment that puts such high demands on creativity. You can not be passive when living in developing games for casino onlino.

The slot machine Dazzle Me is filled with lovely bright colors with a joyful background music that contribute to an enjoyable gaming experience. Dazzle Me is made of the innovative game developer Net Entertainment has spexat this game with extra special gaming features and a different wheel design. The fact that Dazzle Me Touch is just as neat and easily played in mobile devices like the computer game raises some additional snap. Thanks to NetEnt’s sovereign mobile teams, it does not matter at all if you choose to play on your smartphone or tablet, the nice feeling is exactly the same!

Gameplay, Special Symbols and Features

Dazzle Me Slot ReviewThe Dazzle Me is playing on five wheels, of which the first two have three lines, the next two wheels, four lines, and the last five. The symbols of precious of various kinds such as emeralds, rubies, and amethyst. The highest paying symbols are the 7s that we know already. The game has a classic look that gives beautiful emotions in everyone. Whether you are new to online casino or slot machines played a lot already, you should give Dazzle Me a try.

There are special symbols such as it spins. If you get three of these symbols as huddles into the familiar position of free spins that obviously then give your casino free spins to play without effort. The number of free spins varies between 8 and 16. If you have luck on his side where you just sit down and watch while the profits roll in by itself without having to worry about losing equity. Free games are always appreciated! Dazzle Me is a feeling that must be experienced directly at your online casino. There are also special symbols to spin the situation during the free spins are called linked reels. These provide a major contribution to the extraordinary profits during the free spins and all with absolutely genuine free games.

Although the game has a different structure to apply similar rules as usual. There are lines that run between the sides and your goal is to collect symbols along with them. The big difference between regular slots and Dazzle Me is that we have been here all 76 lines! In most video slots are usually 20 pay lines and a maximum of 25. We have here a slot machine of higher complexity than normal. A fact that is certainly of interest to those who have a little more experience of playing slots on the internet.

Conclusion and Finishing Thoughts

Along with the calm music and good sound effects so Dazzle Me is a well-accepted slot machine with much to offer your experience of online casino. The game’s many interesting locations and the large amount of playable lines thus makes Dazzle Me to a very complex experience than regular slot machines. This, in conjunction with the fine and classic symbols, makes the game very exciting and it’s definitely worth checking it out. Just go into any of our recommended casinos and turn on. Please test first with some free casino games. Create yourself your own opinion and have fun!

Again NetEnt has outdone themselves and it is only to lift his hat, put on fine shoes, waiting for the big win and the pace will increase, so you can kick some real disco moves! Dazzle Me is a terribly funny and popular slot machine, there is really no question why their “Dazzling Wild Reels” feature along with the music increases throughout the game experience something incredible.


  • 5 Free Spins No Deposit
  • Welcome Bonus Available up to £1000
  • Great Collection of Online Slots

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