New UK Casinos

The gaming industry is huge these days. The internet has brought the thrills and spills of online casino gameplay into our front rooms. Then, mobile phones and tablets ensure that we could carry our favourite casino games with us at all times. If you live in the UK (as I do), that latter point is particularly pertinent. Most of us get sick of the weather and want to sod off to warmer climes a couple of times a year. Many of us also have to endure a massively painful commute on public transport to get to work too. We need some entertainment to take with us, and what better than the best UK mobile casinos? Luckily, you won’t be spoiled for choice. New UK casinos are popping up all the time, as brand new sites are launched while established casinos also secure the necessary licensing to practice in the UK. New UK Casinos abound, you just need to know where to find them. This got us thinking: wouldn’t it be great if we had a special page that listed all the best news UK Casinos in one place. So, look what we did! Here, you’ll find your very own section listing the very best new UK Casinos, as well as some more experienced brands too.

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The Popularity of Gaming in the UK

Most Online Casinos are attracted to the UK market. Us Brits do love a good gamble when we’re not busy voting ourselves of the EU, and the gaming sites are naturally keen to tap into that national trait. New UK Online Casinos are the natural successor the the smoky pubs and working men’s clubs which traditionally house one-armed bandits for punters to play. However, they’re much more inclusive and have introduced casino gameplay to entirely new demographics who wouldn’t have attended gaming establishments in-person. Online gaming platforms have been incredibly successful. Recent research suggests that nearly half of the UK population engages in regular (or semi-regular) gambling activity. That’s an eye-watering statistic, and it shows just how lucrative the market can be in for prospective providers. No wonder so many new UK casinos want to operate in the UK. There’s just one slight problem though: the UK is a regulated market.

UK Licensed Online Casinos

So what does all this mean? What is a ‘regulated market’? Allow us to explain. Perhaps the UK would be best described as a ‘self regulated’ market. Essentially, the UK government have established a regulatory body – called the Gambling Commission – that’s responsible for overseeing all gambling activities that take place within its borders. This includes both land-based activities (ie traditional casinos and games lounges) as well as, you’ve guessed it, online gambling platforms. Providers and companies can only offer gaming services if they’ve secured a license from the Gambling Commission. And that means they have to pass through a particularly stringent auditing process.

We may have described this as ‘a problem’ earlier, but let’s be clear here: it’s not an issue for any site that can be confident about its security record and commitment to fair gaming. The Commission are merely good at weeding out unscrupulous online casinos and protecting players. By being so good at their job, they make ours much easier too. As reviewers, we consider a UK license to be a stamp of assurance. Any casino that has been verified by the Gambling Commission should be considered ‘best-in-class’, and we’d strongly recommend that players from other countries look for a UK license when choosing a new online casino. The vast majority of the online casinos we’ve reviewed for Best Bonuses Casinos have a UK license. And we’ll use this page the list the best of them.

The Best New UK Online Casinos

new online casinosAny new UK online casino deserves to be lauded. We know how much work goes into the creation of a new online casino. You have to design the site across multiple platforms, secure relationships with games providers, decide on a theme, ensure that your site security is absolutely watertight, develop customer service live chat portals and train a team. That’s probably not even half of it either. Against that backdrop, any casino that manages to secure a license from the Gambling Commission is worth its weight in gold. The process can take a long time, and management teams need to have complete confidence in their processes. However, not only does it give you access to a high quality and large volume set of players (ie us Brits), a UK license also provides a site with plenty of kudos.

For that reason, new UK casinos appear all the time. Brands are falling over themselves to secure one. Remember, however, that only the best will make it through the auditing process. The benefits of this are obvious. Not only can you be confident that the new UK casinos listed on this page are legally allowed to accept British players, but you can be sure that they’re high quality sites as well. And that leads us to reiterate an earlier point. If you’re not British and don’t live in the UK, you should still use pages like this to inform your choices. Although you might have a greater selection of sites to choose from when picking a new place to play, that can create its own challenges. Just how do you know which ones you can trust? Well, here’s your answer: play at new UK online casinos. Whatever your nationality, you can play with peace of mind when the Gambling Commission has rubberstamped an online casino.

Why Choose a New Online Casino?

All of us have different gaming preferences. Some pick a casino they like and play there and there only. Others prefer a bit of variation, and will share their stakes across multiple sites. One thing’s for certain, however. Our collective attitude for fresh online casino brands remains as insatiable as ever. How else can you explain the proliferation of new sites over the past few years?

Of course, sticking with one or two established sites does have its advantages. Most casinos operate loyalty schemes that reward returning players, for example. However, new casinos thrive because we like a bit of change as well. And they also have a crucial role to play, because they often encourage innovation and improvement. Take the recent trend towards bonuses without wagering requirements. New UK Casinos like PlayOjo are at the forefront of that movement. If you have your head buried in an existing site that’s been around for years, you might just miss out on new and improved trends and functions elsewhere.

GBP Casinos – Where to Stake in British Pounds

There’s another advantage to these new UK casinos. Yep, you can use your shiny, British pound in all their royal glory, without having to do any complex maths to work out conversion rates. If an online casino has a UK license, you can bet your bottom dollar (or GBP) that it will accept direct UK currency without converting it to or from euros. In fact, most of the sites will automatically detect that you’re in the UK and then default to ‘UK’ pounds as a preference unless you change your settings. It’s all designed to make life that little bit easier. Given that most online casinos talk in Euros as standard, it’s definitely helpful for us Brits.

The Best UK Casino Bonuses

Of course the best new UK casinos are likely to have the best UK casino bonuses as well. Some – LeoVegas springs to mind – even offer special boosted bonuses to British players, such as no deposit free spins. In general, Brits are considered ‘high value’ and ‘trustworthy’ players so they are eligible for the biggest welcome bonuses at most casinos. This means you can pocket various combinations of no deposit bonuses, free spins, cash match offers and more when registering with a new online casino. You’ll find brief descriptions of these bonuses in our list of the best new UK casinos above. Be sure to visit our casino review to read about these UK casino bonuses in more detail.


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